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Buffy from "The Yoko Factor"

This is Buffy Summers from the Season 4 Episode "The Yoko Factor".  I used a Hush Buffy head and a Willow body from Sideshow.

I chopped off her original hair and then resculpted her very rare hairstyle from season 4, long, thick curls. Which is the style she keeps until the finale of season 4.

I then gave the figure a complete repaint, using tones that suited the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar. I gave her new eyes and fuller lips which gave her a great likeness. I have her thicker eye liner, which is what Buffy wears in this episode. I also gave her bloodshot in her eyes and gave her the wound that she gets on her head from fighting Adam.

The clothes were made from scratch. I used a ribbed white material for her turtle neck jumper and I used a denim material for her jeans.

Buffy comes with 1 accessory, which is the Elector Blaster Gun which she got from the Initiative. This was made using a Crossbow, some sculpey and some wire.

Buffy will be on ebay very soon.