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"Keeper of the Gate" Willow

This is Willow from the Season 6 Premiere, "Bargaining". Willow is kneeling at Buffy's grave and is doing the spell to resurrect her.

Willow was made from a Buffy 2 torso and arms and a Doppleland Willow head. I sculpted the kneeling legs.

I painted Willow to be episode accurate, giving her slices on her arms and shadows under her eyes to make her look worn and tired. I also gave her blood on her face. I stippled on the design on Willows dress. The base started as a wooden floor and I sculpted the grass, grave and accessories, including the Urn of Osiris. I printed out a screen cap of Buffy's grave and stuck that onto the grave stone. I am very happy with this figure, this was one of my first figures.

Willow now lives in the USA.