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Season 1 Statue

This is the first in a line of seven Commemorative Statues. One for each Season. This one was based on this promo picture.

This statue was made from a Prophecy Girl Buffy figure. First off I started with some cardboard and drew the shape which I thought would look best for the mound Buffy is sitting on. When I got the shape I wanted, I built up the shape with paper. I then used Sculpt a Mould to make the actual mound. I used a spoon to get the shape. I then added parts of an old felt tip pen for the candles and then dripped Plaster onto them, to get the effect of melted wax. I then added the skull from Sideshows Vampire Spike to prop up Buffy's foot. I sprayed the whole thing with black primer.

The figure itself, I positioned her and then glued the joints, I then sculpted over them. I sculpted the boots too! I took off her head and then removed all the hair so she was bald and I then sculpted her Season 1 buffount hairstyle.

I painted the whole figure with a tan and then added her ring and purple nail varnish. Aswell as her boots. I then added a glossy finish to her boots for the leather effect and then added it to her lips and eyes. I sealed the figure and painted the base and then sealed the base. I then made her dress and slipped it onto her,

To see Buffy in progress, please go HERE

Buffy will be on eBay in the next few days.