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Book of Shadows

Prop replica

This is a replica of the Charmed Book of Shadows spell book, which I made from scratch.

My Book of Shadows has over 500 pages most are aged, but I will age the rest as I need too. The cover is made from hardboard with a reinforced spine and corners. I then covered the entire book with a green leatherette which I then aged using sand paper and paint. I then added ribs to the spine and then added a raised Triquetra using the same leather which I then painted red and then aged.

At the moment the book contains about 5 different spells including The Stillman Sisters, The Seven Deadly Sins, Belthazor (Information, Summon, Vanquish and page by Phoebe.) Relinquish our Powers, Call a Witches Powers/Separate a Witch from Her Powers and Vampires.


I have also made a page for each witch, at the moment Grams is the only completed page, which I got Jennifer Rhodes to sign at LondonExpo.

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