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Buffy from "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

This is Buffy Summers from the very first episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth". I used a Prophecy Girl Figure from Sideshow.

I chopped off her original hair and then resculpted her season 1 hairstyle, thick curls. I also sculpted her a clip, this hairstyle was more appropriate for the episode and figure. I removed her feet and gave her long boots that came with a Barbie.

I then gave the figure a complete repaint, using tones that suited the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar. I gave her new eyes and fuller lips which gave her a great likeness. I gave her a darker, more tanned Season 1 skin tone.

The clothes were made from scratch. I used a faux suede material for her skirt and bag. I made her under shirt from white material and them made her shirt from blue material.

Buffy has a stake, a vampyr book and a school bag. Buffy was sold on eBay.