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Buffy From "Prophecy Girl"

This is Buffy Summers from the Season 1 Finale "Prophecy Girl". I used a Prophecy Girl Figure from Sideshow.

I chopped off her original hair and cut out her scalp, I then replaced it with the scalp of a Barbie figure, which I thought was more appropriate for the episode and figure.

I then gave the figure a complete repaint, using tones that suited the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar. I gave her new eyes and fuller lips which gave her a great likeness.

The dress was made from the original dress, but I removed the bottom and then added new material in a gathered look. This figure looked almost too pretty to be used for a drowned Buffy, and the hair was completely the wrong colour.

So this Prophecy Girl Buffy then became my GIFT BUFFY, which looked so much better than this one.