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Dark Willow

This is Willow Rosenberg from the final 3 episodes of Season 6. I used a Willow Figure from Sideshow.

I extended her original hair to make it a little longer, like Willows Season 6 hairstyle. Which makes it shoulder length.

I then gave the figure a complete repaint, using tones that suited Dark Willow. I gave her a yellow-flesh tone for her face and then gave her veins, black lips in an evil smirk and black eyes. She is in full witch mode. She has red shadows under her eyes, to make her look worn.

All the clothes were made from scratch except for her t-shirt. I made her trousers and jacket from material.

Willow comes with a fireball and a bloody shirt map. Willow also comes with a custom spell book box, which opens up to reveal the figure. Willow was sold on eBay.